Flooding at the Farm


We were lucky at Three Leaf Farm that the flood waters did not reach the house, barn, goat cottage, or chicken coop.  All our buildings were spared any flooding, but unfortunately, the waters did cover almost all of our property other than that.  The waters literally came within inches of the buildings.Our back acres filled with the rushing river, and the existing banks were swept away.  The river crested into our crop fields, and we’ve been told that all our of harvest will be contaminated by the flood waters, so we cannot use any of the produce.We feel fortunate that all of our animals and humans are safe and unharmed, but of course the loss of an entire season’s worth of hard work and cultivation is hard to bear.  We will have a lot of cleanup to do over the next months to remove debris, rebuild river banks, and recreate our beautiful gardens.  We’re so grateful for our neighbors and friends who helped us survive the flood, evacuate our animals, and begin the long cleanup process.Our hearts and prayers are with those who did not fare as well. 

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