Natural Herbal Carpet Powder

Do you have dogs?  Do you have carpets?

Well, if you do, and you’re like me, your carpets smell like dogs. . .  (I noticed this morning when I was laying on the carpet, pretending to do yoga, but really just laying there. . . .)

So, I made this easy carpet deodorizing powder : Simple, quick, and delicious smelling.

1/2 cup lavender flowers - smell delicious and attract friendship, happiness, and tranquility
1/2 cup rosemary - anti-microbial and cleanse all negative energy
1/2 cup baking soda -absorb odors and deodorizes 

Step one: Put the herbs in a clean coffee grinder (I have one that I only use for grinding herbs.  If you only have the one you use for coffee, wipe it out well, and then wipe it with a little vinegar. Allow it to dry before you grind the herbs.)
Step Two: In a large bowl, add the baking soda and stir with a whisk.  Make sure you get all the blobs of baking soda broken up (you might have to use your hands).
Step Three: Put it in a shaker jar (or don't, you can just sprinkle it on the carpet if you want). 
Don't have one? You can make one easily with a mason jar, lid, hammer and nail. Just make sure when you hammer the nails in the mason jar lid you do it from the back to the front, and hammer into a block of wood, not your floor or kitchen counter.
Step Four: Sprinkle a bunch onto the carpet.  Allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes to absorb the stinkiness
.Step Five: Vacuum it all up (it also helps to deodorize your vacuum cleaner!

 And now, you have a delightful smelling carpet.  And dog!