Exploring Elder: The Tree of Magic

Exploring Elder: The Tree of Magic


October 7 | 6pm

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This small and humble tree has been adored for centuries by healers for it’s potent medicine. Made from both the fruit and the flower, the elder offers healing energies for a multitude of ailments, including the dreaded influenza virus.

In addition to her healing gifts,the elder is steeped in mystery and folklore, and legends abound of the old woman whose spirit embodies the tree.

This workshop will explore the folklore and myth of the Elder, discuss the many medicinal uses of the tree, and offer participants an chance to work with the spirit and healing properties. Students will craft a magical amulet using the wood of the elder, and will have the opportunity to charge and bless the amulet in a ritual setting.

Class is limited to 8 participants to ensure a hands-on, interactive experience.
Please be aware that Three Leaf Farm is a working farm. Animals may be in the class space.
Cancellations within two weeks of the class are not refundable for any reason.