Making Spirit Dolls

Making Spirit Dolls


January 20 & 21 | 5:30pm

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A Spirit Doll is a creative and magical representation of yourself that you can craft to reflect your own intentions, wishes, and will.  Your personal Spirit Doll will bring whatever qualities you wish into you life, whether it be love, healing, peace or anything you can think of.

In this two-night  workshop, students will learn about how dolls have been used around the world to represent the human form in ritual, folklore, and religion.  Many cultures have historically used dolls in some way to facilitate healing or connection to the divine.

Each participant will have the opportunity to craft their own doll using a variety of provided materials, and will be instructed on ways to "charge" the doll to create a magical talisman.   Students begin by setting their own intention for the doll, and then the fun and creative process of forming and decorating the doll begins!
Although all materials are provided, students are welcome to bring their own materials, including fabric, fibers, charms, etc to add to their doll.
After the dolls are complete, participants will be instructed on how to charge their doll.

  • $85 per person

  • Students are welcome to bring personal supplies

  • Students  may bring food and drink.

  • Please note that the classroom is upstairs in the barn, and dogs and cats are in the classroom.

  • Workshop is from 5:30 - 8:30

  • Cancellations made within 2 weeks of the workshop are non-refundable for any reason, but are transferable.