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Meet the Farms Behind Some of Denver’s Favorite Restaurants

Every time you bite into a fresh apple, cut into a perfect steak, or admire the dainty microgreens atop your risotto, you are consuming a product that has been carefully cultivated and selected by local farmers — all for the intent of bringing you the very moment you are indulging in. While it is no secret…

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These Denver restaurateur couples find a way to keep the flame, and business, alive

For many people, working with their spouse would be a recipe for disaster, never mind a pair being at the forefront of Denver’s bustling restaurant scene. In an industry that’s notoriously tough on relationships, these couples have found a way to keep the flame alive. The Denver Post asked these restaurant industry couples for their recipes for success.

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Lenny & Sara Martinelli: Boulder County restaurateurs work at love

They already owned six restaurants, a catering business, and a farm. But early this year they added another responsibility, the dining and catering services for Chautauqua Dining Hall in Boulder. The new gig pushed Lenny and Sara Martinelli to their limits.

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